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27. HICSS 1994: Maui, Hawaii, USA - Volume 1

27th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-27), January 4-7, 1994, Maui, Hawaii. IEEE Computer Society, 1994, Volume 1: Architecture, ISBN 0-8186-5050-8

Computer Design: A New Grand Challenge

Design and Prototyping of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Systems

Enabling Multiprocessor Technology

Fast Simulation of Computer Architectures

High-Performance Computer Arithmetic and Implementations

High-Performance Implementation Techniques of Superscalar, VLIW, Deeply Pipelined, Multi-Threaded, Vector, and Dataglow Execution Architectures

Memory Organization Tradeoffs in Computer Systems Design

Photonics and Electronics in Computer System Design

Scalable Shared-Memory Architectures

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