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ICPP 1991: Austin, Texas, USA

Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel Processing, ICPP '91, Austin, Texas, USA, August 1991, Vol.1: Architecture/Hardware. CRC Press, 1991

System Architectures

Resource Allocation

Cedar System

Processor Architectures I

Mapping Algorithms to Parallel Systems

Processor Architectures II


Memory Systems

Effective Communication

Caches I


Caches II

Reliability and Fault Tolerance of Networks

Data Flow Architectures

Effective Memory Access Methods

Application Specific Architectures

Practical Aspects of Network Design


Multicomputer Networks Design

Fault Diagnosis, Recovery, and Tolerance

Cube Networks

Non-uniform Traffic Models

Reconfiguration of Arrays

Performance Evaluation of Networks

Load Balancing

Parallel Architectures

Parallel Processing and Systems

Network Topologies

Connection Technology

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