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IEEE Visualization 1998: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

David S. Ebert, Holly Rushmeier, Hans Hagen (Eds.): Visualization '98, Proceedings, October 18-23, 1998, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. IEEE Computer Society and ACM, 1998, ISBN 1-58113-106-2 and 0-8186-9176-X


Terrain Visualization and Level of Detail Techniques

Surfaces and Level of Detail Techniques

Feature Detection and Visualization

Multi-Dimensional Visualization

Flow and Streamlines

Isosurface Extraction

Information Visualization

Interactive Visualization / VR / Animation

Isosurface & Volume Rendering


Tensor / Flow

Image-based Techniques and Volume Analysis

Texturing and Rendering

Surfaces II

Case Studies

Flow Visualization

Medical Data Visualization

3D Modeling and Visualization

Terrain & Large Data Visualization

Engineering & Design


Color Plates

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