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27. INFOCOM 2008: Phoenix, AZ, USA

INFOCOM 2008. 27th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, 13-18 April 2008, Phoenix, AZ, USA. IEEE 2008 BibTeX

Theoretical Foundations

Internet Measurement 1

Sensor Security 1

Wireless Mesh Networks 1

Congestion Control 1

Router/Switch Design 1

Transport Protocols

Peer-to-Peer Networks 1

Network Security 1

Optical Networks 1

Cooperative Ad Hoc Networking

Underwater Networks

Ad Hoc Networks Security

Internet Measurement 2

Sensor Networks Connectivity

Router/Switch Design 2

Congestion Control 2

Sensor Network Routing

Network Coding 1

Wireless MAC 1

Ad Hoc Networks: Energy Efficiency

Routing Protocols

Crosslayer Design 1

Network Security 2

Sensor Networks 1

Ad Hoc Networks 1

Optical Networks 2

Cellular Networks

Wireless: IEEE 802.11 issues

Wireless Mesh Networks 2

Sensor Networks 2

Ad Hoc Networks 2

Wireless Networks 1

Quality of Service 1


Sensor Querying

Wireless Networks 2

Peer-to-Peer Networks 2

Internet Measurement 3

Ad Hoc Networks: Scheduling

Cross layer Design 2

Sensor Networks 3

Network Security 3

Wireless Networks 3

Cross Layer Design 3

Wireless Routing


Sensor Security 2

Wireless MAC 2

Quality of Service 2

Network Coding 2

Wireless Networks 4


Wireless Mesh Networks 3

Internet Measurement 4

Network Security 3

Peer-to-Peer Networks 3

Wireless MAC 3

Router/Switch Design 3

Economics, Pricing and Measurement

Wireless ad hoc networks - I

Medium access control and channel diversity

Network Security I

Optical Networks and Switching

Sensor networks - I

Wireless LANs

Wireless Applications and Security

Congestion Control and Network Coding

Sensor networks - II

Multi-hop/Mesh wireless networks

Network Security II

Restoration and Fault Tolerance

Wireless ad hoc networks - II

QoS and performance evaluation

Peer-to-Peer Networks and Applications

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