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18EESupratim Deb, Anand Srinivasan, Pavan Kuppili Pavan: An improved DNS server selection algorithm for faster lookups. COMSWARE 2008: 288-295
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11EEJay Kumar Sundararajan, Supratim Deb, Muriel Médard: Extending the Birkhoff-von Neumann switching strategy for multicast - On the use of optical splitting in switches. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 25(S-6): 36-50 (2007)
10EESrinivas R. Kashyap, Supratim Deb, K. V. M. Naidu, Rajeev Rastogi, Anand Srinivasan: Efficient gossip-based aggregate computation. PODS 2006: 308-317
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3EESupratim Deb, Sanjay Shakkottai, R. Srikant: Stability and Convergence of TCP-like Congestion Controllers in a Many-Flows Regime. INFOCOM 2003
2EESupratim Deb, Ayalvadi J. Ganesh, Peter B. Key: Resource Allocation with Persistent and Transient Flows. NETWORKING 2002: 455-466
1EESupratim Deb, Manika Kapoor, Abhinanda Sarkar: Error Avoidance In Wireless Networks Using Link State History. INFOCOM 2001: 786-795

Coauthor Index

1Shipra Agrawal [13]
2Clifford Choute [9]
3Ayalvadi J. Ganesh [2] [6]
4Ankur Jain [12]
5Sharad Jaiswal [15]
6Manika Kapoor [1]
7Srinivas R. Kashyap [10]
8Peter B. Key [2] [6]
9Prakash Linga [17]
10Anirban Majumder [12]
11Karan Mangla [16]
12Muriel Médard [7] [9] [11]
13Vivek Mhatre [14]
14Kanthi Nagaraj [15]
15K. V. M. Naidu [10] [12] [13] [16]
16Pavan Kuppili Pavan [18]
17Venkatesh Ramaiyan [14]
18Jeyashankher Ramamirtham [12]
19Rajeev Rastogi [10] [12] [13] [17]
20Abhinanda Sarkar [1]
21Sanjay Shakkottai [3] [8]
22R. Srikant (Rayadurgam Srikant) [3] [4] [5]
23Anand Srinivasan [10] [12] [17] [18]
24Jay Kumar Sundararajan [7] [11]
25Yung Yi [8]

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