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10. ICIAP 1999: Venice, Italy

1oth International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 1999), 27-29 September 1999, Venice, Italy. IEEE Computer Society 1999 BibTeX

Keynote Address

Session 1 - Neural Models and Visual Systems

Session 2 - Primitives of Images and Shapes

Invited Talk

Session 3 - Image Inference: Learning and Model Synthesis

Session 4 - Encoding Visual Cues

Poster Session A - Primitive Extraction and Coding

Invited Talk

Session 5 - Face and Body Recognition

Session 6 - Dynamic Scene Understanding

Poster Session B - Grouping, Segmentation and Matching

Invited Talk

Session 7 - Domain Applications I: Biomedicine

Poster Session C - Object and Scene Recognition

Invited Talk

Session 8 - Image Communication

Poster Session D - Images in Biomedicine and Remote Sensing

Session 9 - Domain Applications II: Cultural Heritage

Session 10 - Domain Applications III: Remote Sensing

Poster Session E - Image Communication

Young Scientists Forum

Special Session on Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems

Poster Session

Special Session on Graph-Theoretic Techniques in Computer Vision

Special Session on Design and Evaluation of Visual Interactive Systems

Special Session on European Research Projects

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