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12. ESM 1998: Manchester, United Kingdom

Richard N. Zobel, Dietmar P. F. Möller (Eds.): 12th European Simulation Multiconference - Simulation - Past, Present and Future, June 16-19, 1998, Machester, United Kingdom. SCS Europe 1998, ISBN 1-56555-148-6 BibTeX
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               and Future, June 16-19, 1998, Machester, United Kingdom},
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The History of Simulation

Simulation Tools and Methodology

Continuous System Simulation

Parallel Simulation

Parallel Simulation Applications

Object-Oriented Simulation and Visualization

Object Oriented Simulation Applications

Simulation Tools and Languages

Hardware Simulation

Simulation Applications

Simulation of Technical Systems

Electronic Simulation Techniques

Simulators, Real-Time Simulation, Distributed Simulation, HLA, Military Simulation

Invited Presentation

Distributed Simulation

Real Time and Hybrid Simulation

High Level Architectures

Military Applications of Simulation

Simulation in Medical Informatics and Health Care

Simulation of Physiological Systems

Biological Simulation Methodolgoy

Biological Simulation Modelling

Simulation in Health Care Management

Waste Water Simulation

Simulation in AI and Robotics


Simulation of Societies and Agents

Modelling of Robot Sensors

Modelling of Simulated Robots

Modelling of Physical Robots


Simulation in Education, McLeod Centres

Training Tools

Simulation Based Educational Training

Training Methodology

Training Courses on Internet

Simulation in Multibody Systems

Multibody Analysis and Evaluation

Multibody Dynamics Research

Simulation in Operations Research

Agent Based Simulation

Modelling Issues and Assumptions

Simulation of Processes and Systems

Scheduling Problems

Optimisation in Manufacturing and Scheduling

Production Planning and Layout

Analytical and Numerical Modelling Techniques

Stochastic Modelling and Numerical Methods

Queueing Network Models

Stochastic Process Algebra and Petri Nets

Performance Evaluation Network Studies

Special Modelling Applications

Student Papers

Simulation Methodology

Application of Simulation in the Field of Technology

Application of Simulation

Late Papers

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