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PARCO 2007: Jülich / Aachen, Germany

Christian H. Bischof, H. Martin Bücker, Paul Gibbon, Gerhard R. Joubert, Thomas Lippert, Bernd Mohr, Frans J. Peters (Eds.): Parallel Computing: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications, ParCo 2007, Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University, Germany, 4-7 September 2007. Advances in Parallel Computing 15 IOS Press 2008, ISBN 978-1-58603-796-3 BibTeX

Invited Talks

Particle and Atomistic Simulation

Image Processing and Visualization

Performance Modeling and Tools

Biomedical Applications

Parallel Algorithms

Parallel Programming Models

Numerical Algorithms and Automatic Differentiation


Fault Tolerance

Performance Analysis

Parallel Data Distribution and I/O

Fluid and Magnetohydrodynamics Simulation

Parallel Tools and Middleware

Hyperscalable Applications

Parallel Computing with FPGAs

Mini-Symposium "The Future of OpenMP in the Multi-Core Era"

Mini-Symposium "Scaling Science Applications on Blue Gene"

Mini-Symposium "Scalability and Usability of HPC Programming Tools"

Mini-Symposium "DEISA: Extreme Computing in an Advanced Supercomputing Environment"

Mini-Symposium "Parallel Computing with FPGAs"

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