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ICCS 2006: Reading, UK

Vassil N. Alexandrov, G. Dick van Albada, Peter M. A. Sloot, Jack Dongarra (Eds.): Computational Science - ICCS 2006, 6th International Conference, Reading, UK, May 28-31, 2006, Proceedings, Part II. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3992 Springer 2006, ISBN 3-540-34381-4 BibTeX

Third International Workshop on Simulation of Multiphysics Multiscale Systems

Innovations in Computational Science Education

Fifth International Workshop on Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling (CGGM 2006)

Fourth International Workshop on Computer Algebra Systems and Applications (CASA 2006)

Tools for Program Development and Analysis in Computational Science

Collaborative and Cooperative Environments

Second International Workshop on Bioinformatics Research and Applications (IWBRA06)

Third International Workshop on Practical Aspects of High-Level Parallel Programming (PAPP 2006)

Wireless and Mobile Systems

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