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ISCAS 1993: Chicago, Illinois, USA - Volume 1

1993 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 1993, Chicago, Illinois, USA, May 3-6, 1993. IEEE, 1993, ISBN 0-7803-1281-3, Volume 1 - Signal Processing

Video Coding

Adaptive Signal Processing I

FIR Filter Design I

Special Session: Filter Banks and Wavelets: Interrelations and Applications

Poster: Signal Processing

Image Coding

Multidimensional Adaptive Signal Processing

FIR Filter Design II

Subband Filter Systems I

Image Restoration and Enhancement

Adaptive Signal Processing II

IIR Filter Design I

Wavelet Transforms and Applications

Extraction and Coding of Image Features

Multidimensional Systems

IIR Filter Design II

Subband Filter Systems II

Vector Quantization (in Image Processing/Coding)

Adaptive Signal Processing III

Signal Processing Algorithms

Special Session: Set-Membership-Based Identification for Signal Processing and Control

Medical Signal Processing

Image Modelling and Representation

Adaptive Filters Implementation

Multidimensional Filter Design

Median Filters

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