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CHI 1995: Denver, Colorado

Irvin R. Katz, Robert L. Mack, Linn Marks, Mary Beth Rosson, Jakob Nielsen (eds.): CHI 95: Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 95 Conference Proceedings, Denver, Colorado, May 7-11, 1995. ACM/Addison-Wesley 1995, ISBN 0-201-84705-1


Cognitive Models

Programming by Example

Information Access

End-User Training and Help

Multimodal Interfaces

Studying Work

Usability Analysis: From Research to Practice

Learning from Design Experiences

Using the Information of Others

Navigating and Scaling in 2D Space

Advanced Media for Collaboration

Innovative Interaction I

Technology at Work

Visual Display Techniques

Creating Visualizations

Making Choices for Communication

Design Tools

Information Visualization

Applying Cognitive Analysis to Design

Innovative Interaction II

Pictures and Programming

Pen Interfaces

Design Briefings

Interfaces for Children

Redesigning Existing Products

Managing Complex Data

Interfaces for Communication

Designing with Metaphors

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