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1 Marly Roncken, Rob Gerth, Willem P. de Roever: A Proof System for Brinch Hansen's Distributed Processes. GI Jahrestagung 1981: 88-95

Coauthor Index

1Emile H. L. Aarts [8]
2Boris Agapiev [11]
3John Bainbridge [16]
4Andrew Bardsley [16]
5Peter A. Beerel [11]
6Kees van Berkel [3] [5] [6]
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10Parimal Pal Chaudhuri [12] [14]
11Jordi Cortadella [10]
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15Ran Ginosar [10] [11]
16Jin-Jer Hwan [16]
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25Ad M. G. Peeters [5] [6]
26Rajesh Pendurkar [14]
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29Rob Roy [12]
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36Susmita Sur-Kolay [12]
37Wim F. J. Verhaegh [8]
38Rik van de Wiel [6]
39Kenneth Y. Yun [11]

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