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25. ICDE 2009: Shanghai, China

Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2009, March 29 2009 - April 2 2009, Shanghai, China. IEEE 2009, ISBN 978-0-7695-3545-6 BibTeX

Invited Speakers

Data Privacy

Web I

Streams I

Data Security and Provenance

Web II

Streams II

Data Uncertainty


Streams and Interface

Data Mining I

Query Optimization


System Performance

Query Processing I

Spatial Queries

Social Networking

Query Processing II

Scientific and Advanced Applications

Data Mining II

Query Processing III

Data Integration and Warehousing

Data Mining III

Query Processing IV


Short Research Papers

Industrial Papers



DBRank: Third International Workshop on Ranking in Databases

M3SN: Modeling, Managing, and Mining of Evolving Social Networks

MOUND: Management and Mining of Uncertain Data

SMDB 2009: Fourth International Workshop on Self-Managing Database Systems

WISS'09: First IEEE Workshop on Information & Software as Services

Keynote Paper

Regular Papers

Case Study/Panel - Extended Abstracts

Workshop Theme/Area Survey Paper

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