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51EEKenneth Ward Church: Has Computational Linguistics Become More Applied? CICLing 2009: 1-5
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1EEKenneth Ward Church: On Parsing Strategies and Closure. ACL 1980

Coauthor Index

1Amihood Amir [31] [32]
2David Belanger [25]
3Adam L. Buchsbaum [26]
4Donald F. Caldwell [26]
5Surajit Chaudhuri [43]
6Ido Dagan [19] [22]
7Emanuel Dar [31] [32]
8Lin Feng [27]
9Glenn S. Fowler [26]
10Pascale Fung [18]
11William A. Gale [9] [10] [11] [12] [14] [17]
12Patrick Hanks [7] [8]
13Trevor Hastie [37] [38] [39] [40] [45] [47]
14Jonathan Helfman [17]
15Eduard H. Hovy [13]
16Andrew Hume [25]
17Pierre Isabelle [23]
18Mark D. Kernighan [9]
19Arnd Christian König [43] [49]
20Kimmo Koskenniemi [5]
21David D. Lewis [17]
22Ping Li [35] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [45] [47]
23Martin Markov [49]
24Qiaozhu Mei [46] [48]
25Robert L. Mercer [15]
26S. Muthukrishnan (S. Muthu Muthukrishnan) [26]
27Ramesh S. Patil [2]
28Robert Ragno [44]
29Lisa F. Rau [20]
30Liying Sui [43]
31Bo Thiesson [36] [42] [44]
32Kyoji Umemura [27] [28] [50]
33Eiko Yamamoto [28]
34Mikio Yamamoto [27] [28] [30]
35David Yarowsky [12]
36Dengyong Zhou [48]

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