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IV 2005: London, England, UK

9th International Conference on Information Visualisation, IV 2005, 6-8 July 2005, London, UK. IEEE Computer Society 2005, ISBN 0-7695-2397-8 BibTeX


Session MMViz1_2: Sonification

Session MMViz3: Haptics/Touch & Multimodal Interfaces

Keynote Lecture

Keynote Lecture

Session IV 1_2: KViz - Knowledge Visualisation in Organizations

Industry Track

Session IV1_3: Information Visualisation - Cognition

Session IV1_4: KDviz - Knowledge Domain Visualisation

Session IV1_5: EnViz - Interreg IIIB NWE Special European Project

Session IV1_6: Information Visualisation

Session IV1_7: KViz - Knowledge Visualisation Applications

Session IV1_8: IMAG - Calligraphy Application

Session IV2_1: Information Visualisation in Practice

Session IV2_2: BuiltViz

Session IV2_3: HCI-I

Session IV2_4: AGT - Applications of Graph Theory - I

Session IV2_5: Information Visualisation

Session IV2_6: Kviz - Knowledge Visualisation Extensions

Session IV2_7: AVR

Session IV2_8: IMAG-Recognition Techniques

Session IV2_9: DAViz - I

Session IV2_10: Web Visualisation & VSW

Session IV2_11: EnViz - II

Session IV2_12: AGT - Applications of Graph Theory - II

Session IV2_13: Animation

Session IV2_14: Information Visualisation

Session IV2_15: HCI-II

Session IV2_16: GeoViz - I

Session IV2_17: AGT - Applications of Graph Theory - III

Session IV3_1: Information Visualisation

Session IV3_2: DAViz - II

Session IV3_3: GeoViz

Session IV3_4: VR & Environment

Session IV3_5: Visual Data Mining

Session IV3_6: IMAG - Geometric Modelling

Session IV3_7: Information Visualisation

Session IV3_8: DART

Session IV3_9: KDViz - Knowledge Domain Visualisation

Session IV3_10: BuiltViz

Session IV3_11: IMAG - Modelling

Keynote Lecture

Keynote Lecture

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