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26. ICPP 1997: Bloomington, IL, USA

1997 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP '97), August 11-15, 1997, Bloomington, IL, USA, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society 1997, ISBN 0-8186-8108-X BibTeX

Session 1A: Parallel Algorithms

Session 1B: Network Modeling

Session 1C: Compilers I - Data Layout And Access

Session 2A: Embeddings and Routings

Session 2B: Parallelism Management

Session 2C: IO and Data Structures in Distributed Systems

Panel 1: Wide-Spread Acceptance of General-Purpose Large-Scale Parallel Machines: Fact, Future, or Fantasy?

Session 3A: Scheduling I - Algorithms

Session 3B: Wormhole Networks

Session 3C: Consistency and Communication

Session 4A: Data Distribution

Session 4B: Memory Organizations

Session 4C: Load Balancing and Scheduling

Session 5A: Prefetching in Multiprocessors

Session 5B: Local Area and Wireless Networks

Session 5C: Fault-Tolerant Networks

Panel 2: In Search of the "Killer Application"

Panel 3: Of languages and Libraries

Session 6A: Load Balancing

Session 6B: Multicast Communication

Session 6C: Compilers II - Analysis, Allocation, and Mapping

Session 7A: Applications

Session 7B: Communication and Synchronization Issues

Session 7C: Scheduling II - Software

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