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14. SEKE 2002: Ischia, Italy

Proceedings of the 14th international conference on Software engineering and knowledge engineering, July 15-19, 2002, Ischia, Italy. ACM, 2002


Artificial intelligence approaches to software engineering

Knowledge engineering tools and techniques

Knowledge representation and retrieval

Soft computing

Requirements engineering

Formal methods

Software domain modeling and meta-modeling

Software architectures

Object-oriented technology

Component-based software engineering

Software reuse

Validation and verification

Measurement and empirical software engineering

Reverse engineering

Software process modelling

Process and workflow management

Computer-supported cooperative work

Education and training

Human-computer interaction

Web-based tools, systems and environments

System applications and experience

Industrial applications

Workshop on web engineering

Workshop on software engineering decision support: components

Workshop on software engineering decision support: processes

Workshop on software engineering decision support: methodology

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