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Coauthor Index

1Fernando Bellas [12]
2Angela Bonifati [9] [23] [28] [31] [36] [38] [39]
3Mario Cannataro [1] [2] [3]
4Sharma Chakravarthy [44]
5Alessandro D'Atri [40]
6Filippo Furfaro [5] [6] [11] [19] [26] [42] [51]
7Salvatore Gabriele [50]
8Sergio Greco [19]
9Andrea Gualtieri [40] [47]
10Mayank Jain [9]
11Abhas Kumar [48]
12Elio Masciari [5] [19] [26]
13Carlo Mastroianni [4] [7] [13] [14]
14Ugo Matrangolo [9] [10] [15] [16]
15Giuseppe M. Mazzeo [11] [19] [26] [42] [51]
16Amihai Motro [40]
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18Vincenzo Russo [33] [41] [48] [49]
19Domenico Saccà [6] [11] [19] [26] [30] [33] [40] [46] [47] [49] [50]
20Paolo Serafino [30] [33] [55]
21Cristina Sirangelo [5]
22Wei Wang [15] [18] [32]
23Bruno Zinno [31]

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