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4. CSB Workshops 2005: Stanford, CA, USA

Fourth International IEEE Computer Society Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conference Workshops & Poster Abstracts (CSB 2005 Workshops), 8-11 August 2005, Stanford, CA, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2005, ISBN 0-7695-2442-7 BibTeX


Poster Abstracts

Biomedical Research

Cellular Multicelluar Systems

Comporative Genomics

Data Mining

Evolution and Phylogenetics

Functional Genomics

High Performance Computing

Microarray Analysis


Pathways Networks System Biology

Pattern Recognition

Promoter Analysis

Protiend Structure Analysis

RNAi Analysis

Sequence Alignment

SNPs and Haplotyping

Synthetic Biological Systems


Workshop: Controlling Complexity

Workshop: BioImage data Mining and Informatics

Workshop: BioSpice and Use Case

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