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22. ICDE 2006: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ling Liu, Andreas Reuter, Kyu-Young Whang, Jianjun Zhang (Eds.): Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2006, 3-8 April 2006, Atlanta, GA, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2006 BibTeX


Research Session 1: Views

Research Session 2: Data Warehouse (1)

Research Session 3: Query Processing and Uncertainty Reasoning

Research Session 4 : Indexing and Optimization

Research Session 5: XML and Semi-Structured Data

Research Session 6: Data Mining and Optimization

Research Session 7: Query Processing and Query Optimization

Research Session 8: Data Privacy and Security

Research Session 9: Data Integration and Database Interoperability

Research Session 10: Web Services and Applications

Research Session 11: Temporal and Spatial Data Management (1)

Research Session 12: Query Optimization and Data Structures

Research Session 13: Distributed and Peer to Peer Data Management

Research Session 14: Web Queries

Research Session 15: Stream Processing (1)

Research Session 16: XML and XPath

Research Session 17: Stream Processing (2)

Research Session 18: Database System Internals and Performance

Research Session 19: XML Database and XML Query Optimization

Research Session 20: Skyline Query Processing

Research Session 21: Query Management

Research Session 22: Ubiquitous Data Management

Research Session 23: Graph Databases and Algorithms

Research Session 24: Nearest Neighbor Search in Temporal and Spatial Databases

Research Session 25: Stream Query Optimization

Research Session 26: Advanced Query Processing

Research Session 27: Temporal and Spatial Managementt (2)

Research Session 28: Scientific and Biological Databases and Bioinformatics

Industry Session 1: Databases, Services, and Processes

Industry Session 2: RDF, Ontologies, Metadata

Industry Session 3: Querying and Logging

Industry Session 4: Data Warehousing and Analysis

Advanced Seminar 1

Advanced Seminar 2

Advanced Seminar 3

Advanced Seminar 4

Advanced Seminar 5

Poster Session 1: Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Warehousing

Poster Session 2: Data Privacy and Security

Poster Session 3: Web Data Management and Workflow

Poster Session 4: XML Data Management

Poster Session 5: Peer to Peer and Mobile Data Management

Poster Session 6: Stream Processing and Optimization

Poster Session 7: Sensor Network and Sensor Queries

Poster Session 8: Database System Internals, Query Processing and Optimization

Demo Session 1: New Approaches in Data Engineering

Demo Session 2: New Data Engineering Applications

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