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86Arunkumar Ponnusamy [60]
87Arjun Rihan [106]
88Albert A. Rizzo [72] [74] [125]
89Dimitris Sacharidis [92]
90Reza Sadri [9]
91Maytham Safar [18] [19] [20] [27] [28] [36] [70] [100] [112]
92Hanan Samet [121]
93Alexander A. Sawchuk [71]
94Rolfe R. Schmidt [51] [53] [65]
95Markus Schneider [121]
96Kane See [118]
97Vishal Shah [7] [9]
98Gautam Shanbhag [39] [43]
99Mehdi Sharifzadeh [54] [58] [74] [81] [90] [104] [105] [107] [119] [122] [126] [129] [134]
100Saihong Song [65]
101Xiaoming Sun [27]
102Larry W. Swanson [15]
103Cheng-Hai Tan [28]
104Kian-Lee Tan [131]
105Lu-An Tang [123]
106Snehal Thakkar [35] [44] [62] [65] [80] [106]
107Xiaoming Tian [26]
108E. Lynn Usery [110]
109Aditya Varma [98]
110Luc Vincent [119]
111Shimeng Wang [8]
112Wee Ling Wong [98]
113Songhua Xing [123]
114Donghui Yan [61] [64]
115Kiyoung Yang [78] [86] [89] [93] [94] [98] [113] [125]
116Shu-Yuen Didi Yao [37] [41] [50] [52] [55] [83] [84] [102]
117Hyunjin Yoon [86] [93] [98] [108] [125] [132]
118Sunhee Yoon [111]
119Suya You [106]
120Amir M. Zarkesh [7] [9]
121Lingling Zhang [37]
122Wugang Zhao [26]
123Runfang Zhou [65]
124Hong Zhu [41]
125Roger Zimmermann [16] [30] [37] [41] [43] [50] [52] [55] [61] [71] [84] [101] [102]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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