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42. CISS 2008: Princeton University, NJ, USA

42nd Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, CISS 2008, Princeton, NJ, USA, 19-21 March 2008. IEEE 2008 BibTeX

Sparse Representations and Frames I: Compressed Sensing

Optimization of Networks I: Congestion Control and Routing

Multiple Antenna Systems

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Distributed Detection and Estimation I

Cooperative Communications I

Cognitive Radio

Receiver Design

Sparse Representations and Frames II: Sparsity and Dimension Reduction

Optimization of Networks II: Content Distribution and Peering

Code Division Multiple Access and Spread Spectrum

Multimedia Signal Processing

Information Theory I

Wireless Transceiver Design I

Communication, Sensing and Compression

Compressed Sensing I

Optimization of Networks III: Scheduling and Random Access

Network Coding

Error Correcting Codes

Distributed Detection and Estimation II

Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks

Sparse Representations and Frames III: Quantization and Frames

Optimization of Networks IV: Power Control and Spectrum Management

Cooperative Communications II

Wireless Networks: Modeling and Performance

Relay Networks

Wireless Transceiver Design II

Optimization of Networks V: Control of Wireless Networks

Compressed Sensing II

Wireless Transceiver Design III

Information Theory II

Distributed Detection and Estimation III

Mathematical Foundations

Space-Time Codes

Wireless Communication

Optimization of Networks VI: Theory and Models

Costas Arrays

Communication Systems

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