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IEEE ICCI 2006: Beijing, China

Yiyu Yao, Zhongzhi Shi, Yingxu Wang, Witold Kinsner (Eds.): Proceedings of the Firth IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics, ICCI 2006, July 17-19, Beijing, China. IEEE 2006, ISBN 1-4244-0475-4 BibTeX


Cognitive Models

Pattern and Emotion Recognition

Computational Intelligence

CI Foundations of Software Engineering

Autonomic Agents

Biosignal Processing

Cognitive Complexity of Software

Knowledge Manipulation

Rough Sets and Problem Solving

Descriptive Mathematics for CI

Visual Information Processing

Knowledge Representation

Cognitive Data Mining

Neural Networks

Pattern Classification

Machine Learning

Intelligent Algorithms

Intelligent Decision-Making

Posters: Artificial Intelligence

Posters: Computing Technologies

Posters: Information Technologies

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