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IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Volume 9

Volume 9, Number 1, January 1991

Hierarchical Modeling Radio Applications High-Speed Networks Applications

Volume 9, Number 2, February 1991

Traffic Engineering-Methods and Standards Network Management and Overload Control Queueing and Traffic Modeling Multiservices Protocols

Volume 9, Number 3, April 1991

Traffic Source Modeling Source Policing and Connection Admission Control Traffic Multiplexing and Traffic Loss Control Switch and Network Analysis

Volume 9, Number 4, May 1991

Interface Design: Principles and Applications Speech-Based Interfaces Telecommunications for People with Special Needs Operational and Administrative Interfaces

Volume 9, Number 5, June 1991

High-Speed Integrated Circuit Technologies Application of Monolithic Integrated Circuits in Lightwave Systems Feedback Techniques in High-Speed IC Regenerators Integrated Circuits for Multiplexing and Switching

Volume 9, Number 6, August 1991

High-Speed Digital Subcriber Lines - Background Baseband Transmission Technology Passband Techniques Other Topics

Volume 9, Number 7, September 1991

Admission Control Rate-Based Control Window-Based Control Routing Scheduling and Priority Schemes Hardware Implementation New Approaches Measurement

Volume 9, Number 8, October 1991

Switching Architectures Technology for Large-Scale ATM Switches Broadband Switching Systems Performance of ATM Networks Optical ATM Networks

Volume 9, Number 9, December 1991

Architectures and Protocols for Integrated Broadband Switching

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