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36. ICPP Workshops 2007: Xi-An, China

2007 International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops (ICPP Workshops 2007), 10-14 September 2007, Xi-An, China. IEEE Computer Society 2007, ISBN 978-0-7695-2934-9 BibTeX

ADPNA 2007

P2P Networks

Wireless Sensors Networks and Security

Distributed Systems

Multimedia Communications and Applications

EPDC 2007

ADET 2007

Web 2.0 and Game-Based Learning

Web-Based Learning

Real-Time Distance Education

MCSoC 2007

Embedded MCSoCs Architectures I

Low Power MCSoCs and Synthesis Techniques

Embedded MCSoCs Architectures II

IWNC 2007

WSNET 2007

Media Access Control

Invited Papers

Wireless Routing

HOT-MP2P 2007

uPADS 2007


Deployment and Protocols

Routing and Tracking

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