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IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Volume 15

Volume 15, Number 1, January 1997

Volume 15, Number 2, Februar 1997

Volume 15, Number 3, April 1997

Survey Multipoint Routing Reliable Multipoint Transport Multipoint Communication in ATM Networks Multipoint Communication in WDM Networks Quality of Service and Congestion Control Multipoint Collaboration Applications

Volume 15, Number 4, May 1997

Volume 15, Number 5, June 1997

Switch Architecture Multicasting Techniques Buffer Management Routing Traffic Shaping Performance Evaluation

Volume 15, Number 6, August 1997

Video Coding Rate Control Traffic Modeling and Characterization Conferencing Systems Quality of Service Transfer of Prerecorded Video

Volume 15, Number 7, September 1997

Resource Allocation and Management Mobility Modeling and Management Network Configuration Network Architecture Protocol Design Performance Analysis Security Issues

Volume 15, Number 8, October 1997

Services and User Demand Characterization User Location/Tracking Mobile Computing Networking Architecture Evolution and Design of Advanced Mobile Systems Integrated Multiple-Access Systems Bandwidth Management and Teletraffic Analysis for Cellular Systems Databases and Signaling Security Admission Control Satellite Usage Performance Assessment Platforms

Volume 15, Number 9, December 1997

Enhanced Transform Video Coding Techniques Rate Distortion Channel Efficiency

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