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3. RSKT 2008: Chengdu, China

Guoyin Wang, Tian-rui Li, Jerzy W. Grzymala-Busse, Duoqian Miao, Andrzej Skowron, Yiyu Yao (Eds.): Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology, Third International Conference, RSKT 2008, Chengdu, China, May 17-19, 2008. Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5009 Springer 2008, ISBN 978-3-540-79720-3 BibTeX

Keynote Papers

Tutorial Papers (Extended Abstracts)

Rough and Soft Computing

Rough Mereology with Applications

Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach

Fuzzy-Rough Hybridization

Granular Computing

Logical and Mathematical Foundations

Formal Concept Analysis

Data Mining

Machine Learning

Intelligent Information Processing

Bioinformatics and Cognitive Informatics

Web Intelligence

Pattern Recognition

Real-Life Applications of Knowledge Technology

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