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8. ICPADS 2001: KyongJu City, Korea

Eigth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS 2001), 26-29 June 2001, KyongJu City, Korea, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society, 2001, ISBN 0-7695-1153-8

A1: Parallel Algorithm 1

B1: Distributed Systems 1

C1: Mobile Computing and Communication 1

A2: Parallel Algorithm 2

B2: Concurrency Control

C2: Mobile Computing and Communication 2

A3: Parallel Systems 1

B3: Workflow Management Sytem

C3: Multicast

A4: Parallel Systems 2

B4: Parallel Language/Programming/Compiler

C4: Caching and Location Management

A5: Fault Tolerant Systems

B5: Distributed Systems 2

C5: Theoretical Issue of Networks

A6: Parallel Systems 3

B6: Programming Language


A7: Interconnection Networks 1

B7: Multimedia Systems 1

C7: Internet Protocols

A8: Interconnection Networks 2

B8: Multimedia Systems 2


A9: Multi Agent Systems

B9: Distributed Database System/Cluster Systems

C9: Internet Technology

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