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4. FG 2000: Grenoble, France

4th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG 2000), 26-30 March 2000, Grenoble, France. IEEE Computer Society 2000, ISBN 0-7695-0580-5 BibTeX

Invited Talk

Poster Session: Face Detection

Session 1: Face Detection

Session 2: Face Tracking Using Statistical Methods

Poster Session: Face Tracking

Session 3: Face Tracking Using Structural Methods

Invited Talk

Posters Session: Face Recognition

Session 4: Face Recognition

Session 5: Face Recognition

Posters Session: Tracking People and Recognizing Activities

Session 6: Recognizing Activities and Speakers

Invited Talk

Poster Session: Gesture Recognition

Session 7: Gesture Recognition

Session 8: Face Expression and Gaze Direction

Poster Session: Structural Models

Session 9: Biological Vision and 3D Models

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