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12. ECBS 2005: Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

12th IEEE International Conference on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems (ECBS 2005), 4-7 April 2005, Greenbelt, MD, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2005, ISBN 0-7695-2308-0 BibTeX

Session A1: Component-Based System Design

Session B1: Reliability, Dependability, and Security

Session C1: Architecture

Session A2: Embedded Systems

Session B2: Requirements Engineering

Session C2: Architecture and IT Management

Session A3: Networks and Sensors

Session B3: Requirements Engineering

Session C3: Design and System Synthesis

Session A4: Model-Based Development

Session B4: Formal Methods

Session C4: Life-Cycle and Project Management

Session A5: Model-Based System Development

Session B5: Formal Methods

Session C5: Life-Cycle and Project Management

Session A6: Model-Based System Development

Session B6: High Autonomy Systems

Session C6: Methods and Applications

EASe Workshop

ECBS MBD Workshop

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