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Coauthor Index

1Martín Abadi [2]
2Peter Bartmann [74]
3Andreas Bauer [68]
4Bastian Best [64]
5James M. Bieman [44] [62] [80]
6Jewgenij Botaschanjan [50]
7Ruth Breu [25]
8Martin Deubler [34]
9Glen Dobson [70]
10Martin Feilkas [78]
11Eduardo B. Fernández [28] [77]
12Jorge Fox [49] [56] [57] [59]
13Robert B. France [28] [44] [55] [62] [80]
14Geri Georg [44] [55] [62] [80]
15Johannes Grünbauer [20] [21] [32] [34]
16Gabor Hahn [26]
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18Sebastian Höhn [73]
19H. Hollmann [21]
20Siv Hilde Houmb [22] [24] [33] [39] [44] [55] [62] [80]
21Tauseef A. Israr [80]
22Toqeer Israr [62]
23Claudia Koller [38]
24Markus Lehrhuber [43]
25Haralambos Mouratidis [59]
26John Mylopoulos [72]
27Bashar Nuseibeh [64] [70]
28Dorin Bogdan Petriu [62] [80]
29Dorina C. Petriu [55] [62] [80]
30Gerhard Popp [25]
31Daniel Ratiu [65] [75] [78]
32Daniel Reiß [71]
33Jan Romberg [26]
34Bernhard Rumpe [28]
35Robert Schmidt [31]
36Jörg Schreck [74] [76] [79]
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47Mark Yampolskiy [51]
48Nobukazu Yoshioka [77]
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50Steffen Zschaler [55]

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