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6. PPSC 1993: Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Richard F. Sincovec, David E. Keyes, Michael R. Leuze, Linda R. Petzold, Daniel A. Reed (Eds.): Proceedings of the Sixth SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Norfolk, Virginia, USA, March 22-24, 1993. SIAM, 1993, ISBN 0-89871-315-3

Part 2 (Continued): Grand Challenge Problems - Infrastructure

Chapter 8 (Continued): Sparse Matrix Computations

Chapter 9: Numerical Methods

Chapter 10: Optimization

Chapter 11: Iterative Methods

Chapter 12: Domain Decomposition

Chapter 13: Differential Equations

Chapter 14: Parallel Environments and Tools

Section 1: Parallel Programming Models

Section 2: Languages, Language Extensions and Compilers

Section 3: Distributed Computing and Networks

Section 4: Load Balancing, Scheduling, Communication, Partitioning, Adaptivity

Section 5: Performance

Section 6: Architecture and Visualization

Chapter 15: Education

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