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HLT 1991: Pacific Grove, California, USA

Speech and Natural Language, Proceedings of a Workshop held at Pacific Grove, California, USA, February 19-22. 1991. Morgan Kaufmann 1991, ISBN 1-55860-207-0 BibTeX

Session 1: Speech and Natural Language Efforts in the U. S. and Abroad

Session 2: DARPA Resource Management and ATIS Benchmark Test Poster Session

Session 3: Machine Translation

Session 4: Speech I

Session 5: Natural Language I

Session 6: Demonstrations and Videotapes of Speech and Natural Language Technologies

Session 7: Natural Language II

Session 8: Speech II

Session 9: Speech III

Session 10: Corpora and Evaluation

Session 11 - Natural Language III

Session 12: SLS and Prosody

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