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28. ICPP 1999: Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan

Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel Processing 1999, ICPP 1999, 21-24 September, 1999, Wakamatsu, Japan. IEEE Computer Society, online publication: http: //computer.org/proceedings/icpp/0350/0350toc.htm

Session A1: Network-Based Computing

Session B1: Instruction-Level Parallelism

Session C1: Graph Model for Networks

Session A2: Routing & Deadlock

Session B2: Compiler Optimizations

Session C2: Parallel Algorithms

Session A3: Architectural Support & Performance Evaluation

Session B3: Compiler Support

Session C3: Parallel Applications

Session A4: Distributed Shared Memory (DSM)

Session B4: Commercial Workload

Session C4: Network Embedding

Session A5: Communication Support for DSM

Session B5: Compiler Techniques & Analysis

Session C5: Distributed Algorithms

Session A6: Multimedia Systems

Session B6: Adaptive Communication & Groupware Systems

Session C6: Job Scheduling

Session A7: Collective Communication

Session B7: Network Monitoring & Analysis

Session C7: Agent-Based Computing

Session A8: Mobile Computing

Session B8: Networking Protocols

Session C8: Resource Management

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