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12. ICIAP 2003: Mantova, Italy

12th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 2003), 17-19 September 2003, Mantova, Italy. IEEE Computer Society 2003, ISBN 0-7695-1948-2
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Invited Talk 1

Session I: Shape Recognition

Session II: Shape Analysis

Session III: Face Recognition

Poster Session A: Face and Human Body

Session IV: 3D and Statistical Extraction

Invited Talk 2

Session V: Hough and Voting Based Methods

Poster Session B: Applications

Session VI: Segmentation

Session VII: Matching

Session VIII: 3D Objects

Poster Session C: Color, Video and Compression

Session IX: Graphs

Invited Talk 3

Session X: Video Analysis

Poster Session D: Early Processing

Session XI: Stereo and 3D Matching

Session XII: Audio and Video

Session XIII: Application A: Color and Compression

Session XIV: Application B: Biomedicine and Text Processing

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