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26. ICDCS 2006: Lisboa, Portugal - Workshops

26th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops (ICDCS 2006 Workshops), 4-7 July 2006, Lisboa, Portugal. IEEE Computer Society 2006, ISBN 0-7695-2541-5 BibTeX


ADSN 2006 Program

Session 1: Keynote Address

Session 2: Robust and Efficient Networking

Session 3: Verification

Session 4: Signals and Signaling Assurance

IWDDS 2006 Program

Session 1: Keynote Address

Session I. B.: Clustering And Coordination in Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks

Session II: Overlay Networks

Session III.A: Keynote Address

Session III.B.: Cooperative Applications in Dynamic Systems

DABI 2006 Program

Session IV: Distributed Applications for B2B Integration

DEBS 2006 Program

Session 1: General Publish/Subscribe Considerations

Session 2: Applications I

Session 3: Applications II

Session 4: Performance I

Session 4: Performance II

Session 6: Systems Reconfiguration

Session 6: Accuracy and Quality

Session 7: Programming and Testing

IBC 2006 Program

MNSA 2006 Program

Session 1: Distributed Multimedia Networking

Session 2: Multimedia Tools and Systems

Session 3: Distributed Multimedia Applications

Session 4: Advanced Internet Technologies for Multimedia Systems

IWSAWC 2006 Program

Session 1: Prototyping and Context Recognition

Session 2: Architectures

Session 3: Novel User Interfaces

Session 4: Wearable Computing

SIUMI 2006 Program

Session 1: Middleware for Context Aware Provisioning

Session 2: Application Provisioning and Novel Application Areas

P2P/DAKS 2006 Program

Session A: Trust and Learning

Session B: Heterogeneous Knowledge Sharing

WWASN 2006 Program

Session I: Topology and Coverage

Session II: MAC, Routing, and Cross-Layer Issues

Session III: Mobility

Session IV: Application and Security

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