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Coauthor Index

1Christopher Alliegro [11]
2Naser S. Barghouti [11]
3David G. Belanger [11]
4John Bible [29]
5Panuchart Bunyakiati [42]
6Antonio Carzaniga [25] [30]
7Yih-Farn Robin Chen (Yih-Farn Chen) [10]
8Lori A. Clarke [37]
9Premkumar T. Devanbu [9] [15]
10Andrew Dingwall-Smith [48]
11Hyunsook Do [31] [41]
12Leticia Duboc [38] [46] [52]
13Sebastian G. Elbaum [44] [49] [51]
14Wolfgang Emmerich [47] [54] [55]
15Anthony Finkelstein [42]
16Howard Foster [47] [53]
17David Garlan [28]
18Mark Handley (Mark James Handley) [40]
19Mary Jean Harrold [26] [27] [31] [41]
20Mehdi Jazayeri [45]
21Jeff Kramer [28] [47]
22Balachander Krishnamurthy [4] [13]
23Emmanuel Letier [52]
24David C. Luckham [1] [2]
25Chris Lüer [32]
26Jeff Magee (Jeff N. Magee) [47]
27Andy Maule [54]
28Nenad Medvidovic [20] [21] [22] [33]
29Arun Mukhija [48] [53]
30R. Natarajan [24]
31Elisabetta Di Nitto [23]
32Alessandro Orso [26] [31] [41]
33Lucian Popa [39]
34Costin Raiciu [39] [40]
35Franco Raimondi [55]
36David F. Redmiles [33]
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40Michele Sama [51] [55]
41Sriram Sankar [1]
42Mary Lou Soffa [31]
43Ion Stoica [39]
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46Kiem-Phong Vo [10]
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51Jonas Wolf [43]

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