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Coauthor Index

1Prinith Amaratunga [31]
2Karin Avnit [44] [45]
3Timothy Bourke [23] [32] [42]
4Xiongcai Cai [30] [34] [37]
5Paul Compton [29] [43]
6Vijay D'Silva [17] [22] [44] [45]
7Byeong Ho Kang [43]
8Inge Koch [21] [38]
9J. Y. Lai [24]
10Chun-Fan Lee [18]
11K. W. E. Lee [1]
12Van Mai [25]
13Rodrigo Martínez-Béjar [43]
14Avishkar Misra [29]
15Maziar Palhang [2] [8] [9]
16Sri Parameswaran [44] [45]
17Sung Shic Park [5]
18Mark W. Peters [6]
19Mithun Nagendra Prasad [19] [21] [31] [38] [40]
20S. Ramesh (Sethu Ramesh) [3] [10] [11] [12] [13] [15] [17] [22] [36] [44] [45]
21Pemadeep Ramsokul [27] [28] [35] [36]
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23Mamatha Rudrapatna [20] [25] [31] [33] [43]
24Nick Seow [26]
25Alena Shamsheyeva [39]
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27Anuraag Sridhar [41]
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30John Trinder [24] [34]
31Ching Ming Jimmy Wang [20]
32Peter Wilson [25] [31] [39]
33Neil Yager [16]

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