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8. ICCC 1986: Munich, Germany

Paul J. Kühn (Ed.): New Communication Services: A Challenge to Computer Technology, Proceedings of the Eigth International Conference on Computer Communication, Munich, Germany, 15-19 September 1986. International Council for Computer Communication / Elsevier 1996, ISBN 0-444-70060-9

Session A1: Integrated Services Digital Networks 1

Session A2: Panel Discussion

Session A3: Telematic Services

Session A4: Message Handling Systems

Session A5: OSI Network Research 1

Session A6: OSI Network Research 2

Session A7: Integrated Services Digital Networks 2

Session A8: Electronic Funds Transfer

Session A9: The IFIP Work in Data Communication - Topics and Selected Results

Session A10: Panel Discussion

Session A11: Social and Policy Aspects

Session A12: Special Applications

Session B1: Terminal Systems, Networks and Services

Session B2: Local Area Networks

Session B3: Integration of Voice and Data

Session B4: Computer and Network Systems

Session B5: Office and Factory Automation

Session B6: Panel Discussion: Integrated Services in the Local Area

Session B7: Node Architectures

Session B8: Wide Area Networks

Session B9: Private Network Architectures

Session B10: Multivendor Systems Architectures

Session B11: Network Experience

Session B12: Network Management

Session C1: Protocol Specification and Verification

Session C2: Certification and Conformance Testing

Session C3: Communication Software Engineering

Session C4: Performance Evaluation 1

Session C5: Performance Evaluation 2

Session C6: Performance Evaluation 3

Session C7: Routing

Session C8: Flow and Congestion Control

Session C9: Distributed Systems

Session C10: Satellite and Packet Radio Communication

Session C11: Interworking of Networks

Session C12: Planning Methods and Tools

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