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3. DEXA 1992: Valencia, Spain

A. Min Tjoa, Isidro Ramos (Eds.): Database and Expert Systems Applications, Proceedings of the International Conference in Valencia, Spain, 1992. Springer-Verlag, Wien, 1992, ISBN 3-211-82400-6

Invited Paper

Applications (I)

Deductive Databases and Database Programming Languages

Implementation Aspects (I)

Information Retrieval (I)

Integrity Maintenance

Object-Oriented Modelling (I)

Legal Systems

User Interfaces

Multimedia Database and Hypertext (I)

Applications (II)

Advenced Databases

Implementation Aspects (II)

Information Retrieval (II)

Temporal Aspects

Object Oriented Modelling (II)

Graphical Interfaces

Active Aspects

Multimedia Database and Hypertext (II)

Applications (III)

Knowledge-Based Systems

Object Oriented Representation

Applications in Software Engineering

Distributed Aspects


Office Information Systems

Integration of Expert and Database Systems

Multimedia Database and Hypertext (III)

Appendix: Poster Sessions

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