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IEEE SCC 2004: Shanghai, China

2004 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2004), 15-18 September 2004, Shanghai, China. IEEE Computer Society 2004, ISBN 0-7695-2225-4 BibTeX

Session: WS-1 - Transactional Web Services

Session: WS-2 - Security and Trust for Web Services

Session: WS-3 - Implementation Frameworks for Web Services

Session: WS-4 - Web Services for Sensor and Mobile Networks

Session: WS-5 - Data-Intensive Web Services

Session: WS-6 - Web Services Composition and Workflows

Session: EB-1 - Trust and Project Management

Session: EB-2 - e-Business Architecture

Session: EB-3 - e-Business Application

Session: EB-4 - Business Process Management

Session: Grid-1 - Grid Architecture and Infrastructure

Session: Grid-2 - Web Services and Grid Security

Session: Grid-3 - Semantics and QoS for Grid Services

Session: Grid-4 - Business Grid: Business Process Grid and Business Application Grid

Session: Grid-5 - Grid Optimization

Session: BTEC 2004 - Business Transformation and e-Commerce

Session: WebIR 2004 - Web Information Retrieval

Session: SW&GS 2004 - Semantic Web Services and Semantic Grid Services

Session: SCC 2004 - Security on Services Computing

Session: PTPSC 2004 - Peer-to-Peer and Service Computing

Session: GDM 2004 - Grid-Based Data Mining

CG&SC 2004 - Computational Grid and Services Computing

Session: ASC 2004 - Agent and Services Computing

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