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ARES 2006: Vienna, Austria

Proceedings of the The First International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security, ARES 2006, The International Dependability Conference - Bridging Theory and Practice, April 20-22 2006, Vienna University of Technology, Austria. IEEE Computer Society 2006 BibTeX


Invited Talks

Session 1: Trust Management

Session 2: P2P Systems

Session 3: Mobile Network and Pervasive Systems

Session 4: Protocol and Communication

Session 5: Security as Quality of Service

Session 6: Networking and Fault Tolerance

Session 7: Identification and Authentication

Session 8: High Availability and Dependability

Session 9: Reliability and Availability

Session 10: Security and Privacy Issue

Session 11: Security Management

Session 12: Distributed Systems

Session 13: Software Security and Dependability

International Symposium on Frontiers in Availability, Reliability and Security (FARES)

Session 1: IP Network and Adhoc Network

Session 2: Wireless and Sensor Network

Session 3: Authentication and Authorization

Session 4: Trust Management and Recovery

Session 5: Secure Information System

Session 6: Availability

Session 7: Software Security 1

Session 8: Software Security 2

Session 9: Safety and Security

Session 10: E-commerce and E-Government

Workshop on Dependable and Sustainable Peer-to-Peer Systems (DAS-P2P 2006)

Session 1: Construction of Dependable Overlay Networks

Session 2: Security

Session 3: Social Front

Workshop on Bayesian Networks in Dependability (BND2006)

Workshop on Dependability in Large-scale Service-oriented Systems (DILSOS)

Workshop: Security in E-Learning (SEL)

Workshop - Dependability Aspects on Data WArehousing and Mining Applications (DAWAM 2006)

Workshop on Bioinformatics and Security (BIOS 06)

Workshop: Information Security Risk Management (ISRM)

Workshop - Dependability and Security in e-Government (DeSeGov 2006)

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