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Coauthor Index

1Rezaul M. Abid [28]
2Shameem Ahmed [10] [11] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [21] [27] [39] [47]
3Md. Mostofa Akbar [44]
4Suresh Anamanamuri [23]
5K. M. Ibrahim Asif [30] [32] [33]
6Sreekanth G. Balasubramanian [37]
7Pankaj Bhaskar [36]
8Munirul M. Haque [15] [20] [26] [27] [29] [30] [33] [34] [38] [40] [46]
9Chowdhury S. Hasan [55]
10Md. Endadul Hoque [45] [49] [57]
11Mohammad Saiful Islam [48]
12Rezwan Islam [25]
13Madhavi V. S. Jayanthi [38]
14Pradeep Kannadiga [12]
15Rezwana Karim [44]
16Ahmed J. Khan [15] [26]
17Donghyun Kim [55]
18Haifeng Li [21] [33]
19Praveen Madiraju [42]
20Darrel A. Mazzari [37]
21Mohammad M. Molla [19]
22Mehrab Monjur [48] [53] [56]
23Ian Obermiller [25]
24Al Pezewski [6]
25Alex Pezewski [6]
26Farzana Rahman [45] [49] [57]
27Patrick Seraphine [37]
28Moushumi Sharmin [10] [11] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [21] [27] [39] [41] [47]
29Karl Stamm [26]
30Paula Stroud [3]
31Salmin Sultana [44]
32Niraj Swami [35]
33Nilothpal Talukder [25] [28] [29] [32] [46] [52] [53]
34Vaibhav Tyagi [31]
35Mohammad Gias Uddin [43] [54]
36Sanjay Vallecha [4] [5]
37Anahita Vyas [38]
38Avinash Vyas [8] [9]
39Steve Wolfe [24]
40Stephen S. Yau [2]
41Mohammad Zulkernine [8] [12] [23] [24] [43] [49] [50] [51] [54] [55]

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