30. VLDB 2004: Toronto, Canada

Mario A. Nascimento, M. Tamer Özsu, Donald Kossmann, Renée J. Miller, José A. Blakeley, K. Bernhard Schiefer (Eds.): (e)Proceedings of the Thirtieth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, Toronto, Canada, August 31 - September 3 2004. Morgan Kaufmann 2004, ISBN 0-12-088469-0 BibTeX

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Ten Year Best Paper Award

Research Sessions

Research Session 1: Compression & Indexing

Research Session 2: XML Views and Schemas

Research Session 3: Controlling Access

Research Session 4: XML (I)

Research Session 5: Stream Mining

Research Session 6: XML (II)

Research Session 7: XML and Relations

Research Session 8: Stream Mining (II)

Research Session 9: Stream Query Processing

Research Session 10: Managing Web Information Sources

Research Session 11: Distributed Search and Query Processing

Research Session 12: Stream Data Management Systems

Research Session 13: Auditing

Research Session 14: Data Warehousing

Research Session 15: Link Analysis

Research Session 16: Sensors, Grid, Pub/Sub

Research Session 17: Top-K Ranking

Research Session 18: DBMS Architecture and Performance

Research Session 19: Privacy

Research Session 20: Nearest Neighbor Search

Research Session 21: Similarity Search and Applications

Research Session 22: Query Processing

Research Session 23: Novel Models

Research Session 24: Query Processing and Optimization

Industrial and Application Sessions

Industrial Session 1: Novel SQL Extensions

Industrial Session 2: New DBMS Architectures and Performance

Industrial Session 3: Semantic Query Approaches

Industrial Session 4: Automatic Tuning in Commercial DBMSs

Industrial Session 5: XML Implementations, Automatic Physical Design and Indexing

Industrial Session 6: Data Management with RFIDs and Ease of Use

Industrial Session 7: Data Management Challenges in Life Sciences and Email Systems

Industrial Session 8: Issues in Data Warehousing

Panel Sessions

Tutorial Sessions


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