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10. IBERAMIA / 18. SBIA 2006: Ribeirão Preto, Brazil

Jaime Simão Sichman, Helder Coelho, Solange Oliveira Rezende (Eds.): Advances in Artificial Intelligence - IBERAMIA-SBIA 2006, 2nd International Joint Conference, 10th Ibero-American Conference on AI, 18th Brazilian AI Symposium, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, October 23-27, 2006, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4140 Springer 2006, ISBN 3-540-45462-4 BibTeX

Invited Speakers

AI in Education and Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life

Hybrid Systems (Fuzzy, Genetic, Neural, Symbolic)

Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Knowledge Engineering, Ontologies and Case Based Reasoning

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Neutral Language Processing

Planning and Scheduling


Theoretical and Logical Methods


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