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15. CATA 2000: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Sung Y. Shin (Ed.): Proceedings of the ISCA 15th International Conference Computers and Their Applications, March 29-31, 2000, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. ISCA 2000, ISBN 1-880843-32-3 BibTeX

Session 1a: Computer networks I

Session 1b: Telemedicine

Session 2a: Computer networks II

Session 2b: Database I

Session 3a: Computer network III

Session 3b: Database II

Session 4a: Management information systems

Session 4b: Database III

Session 5a: Software engineering

Session 5b: Parallel processing and computer architecture I

Session 6a: Image processing

Session 6b: Parallel processing and computer architecture II

Session 7a: Software development

Session 7b: Data communications

Session 8a: Algorithms and programming languages

Session 8b: Fault tolerance / computer security

Session 9a: Algorothm development II

Session 9b: Artificial intelligence / knowledge base

Session 10a: Algorithm development III

Session 10b: Computer network IV and internet / www

Session 11a: Computer applications / GIS

Session 11b: Programming languages

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