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40EEHeidi Lam, Tamara Munzner: Increasing the utility of quantitative empirical studies for meta-analysis. BELIV 2008: 2
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1 Andrew J. Hanson, Tamara Munzner, George Francis: Interactive Methods for Visualizable Geometry. IEEE Computer 27(7): 73-83 (1994)

Coauthor Index

1Maneesh Agrawala [10]
2Nina Amenta [3]
3Daniel Archambault [27] [34] [36] [38]
4David Auber [17] [27] [34] [36] [38]
5Aaron Barsky [35] [37]
6Dale Beermann [24]
7Gavin Bell [4]
8Lior Berry [18]
9Adam Bodnar [30]
10Paul Burchard [2]
11Daniel B. Cook [9]
12Mary Czerwinski [9]
13Maylis Delest [17]
14Jean-Philippe Domenger [17]
15George Francis [1]
16Jennifer L. Gardy [35] [37]
17François Guimbretière [7] [12] [30]
18Robert E. W. Hancock [35]
19Andrew J. Hanson [1]
20Kristian Hildebrand [19] [23] [25]
21Greg Humphreys [24]
22Victoria Interrante [8]
23Katherine St. John [19]
24Chris Johnson [13] [28] [29]
25Daniel A. Keim [15]
26Robert Kincaid [32] [37]
27Eleftherios Koutsofios [39]
28David H. Laidlaw [8] [13]
29Heidi Lam [31] [32] [40]
30Keith Lau [20]
31Stuart Levy [3]
32Carl Machover [4]
33Joanna McGrenere [30]
34Peter McLachlan [39]
35Robert Moorhead [28] [29]
36Dmitry Nekrasovski [30]
37Stephen C. North [14] [15] [39]
38Fabio Pettinati [4]
39Hanspeter Pfister [28] [29]
40Mark Phillips [3]
41Ronald A. Rensink [20] [31]
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54Matt Williams [16]
55Fuqu Wu [33]
56Terry S. Yoo [28] [29]
57Li Zhang [12]
58Yunhong Zhou [12]
59Denis Zorin [10]

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