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WKDD 2008: Adelaide, Australia

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, WKDD 2008, Adelaide, Australia, 23-24 January 2008. IEEE Computer Society 2008 BibTeX

Theoretical Foundations

Novel Algorithms and Application

Association Rules and Classification

Web Mining and Text Mining

Parallel and Distributed Computing

KDD Process and Knowledge Management

Support Vector Machines and Machine Learning

E-Learning, E-commerce and Web Application

Information Processing

Other Topics

Invited Session: Intelligent Control

Invited Session: Intelligent Information Processing

Invited Session: Intelligent System

Invited Session: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Invited Session: Data Mining Application

Invited Session: Web Intelligence and Application

Invited Session: Information Security

Invited Session: Wireless Communication and Wireless Sensor Network

IITSI 2008 Regular Papers

Intrusion Detection & Access Control

Communication Security

System Security

Knowledge Discovery

Other Applications

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