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SYBEN 1998: Zurich, Switzerland

Stephan Fischer, Ralf Steinmetz, Heinrich J. Stüttgen, Harmen R. van As, Roberto Vercelli (Eds.): Broadband European Networks and Multimedia Services, SYBEN '98, 19-20 May 1998, Zurich, Switzerland, part of Europt. SPIE Proceedings, Volume 3408, 1998, ISBN 0-8194-2840-4

Conference on Broadband Networks

ATM in the Access Networks

Optical Broadband Access Networks

Copper and Radio Broadband Access Networks

Operational Aspects for Broadband Access Networks

Broadband Long-Distance Networks

Components and Subssystems for Broadband Log-Distance Networks

Long-Distance Network Architecture

Operational Aspects for Broadband Long-Distance Networks

Conference on Broadband Communication and Multimedia Systems

Gigabit LANs

Virtual Networks

Network Interconnection

Multimedia Communications

Multimedia Quality of Service

Distributed Optics


Authoring and Hypermedia


Imaging and Content Analysis


Poster Session

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