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3. SERA 2005: Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA

Third ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Research, Management and Applications (SERA 2005), 11-13 August 2005, Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2005, ISBN 0-7695-2297-1 BibTeX



Keynote Address (1)

Keynote Address (2)

Session 1A: Component Based Software Engineering

Session 1B: Software Testing Technique

Session 1C: Software Reuse, and Metrics

Session 2A: Component Based Software Engineering II

Session 2B: Requirements Engineering

Session 2C: Parallel and Distributed Computing

Session 3A: Software Architecture . Design Patterns

Session 3B: Modeling with UML - Information Engineering - Case Studies - Other

Session 3C: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Artificial Intelligence

Keynote Address (3)

Session 4A: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Artificial Intelligence - Agent Technology

Session 4B: Formal Methods and Tools - Middleware Design Techniques

Session 4C: Communication Systems and Networks

Session 5A: Software Reuse - Design Patterns - Metrics

Session 5B: Software Process Models - Cost Estimation Models

Session 5C: Re-Engineering/Reverse Engineering - Component Based Development - Use Cases and Scenarios

Session 6A: Web Engineering and Web Based Applications - Mobile/Wireless Computing

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